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jiusong / Leden / jiusong



946 keer bezocht sinds 14 Juli 2015, 03:06
Naam Jiusong Jiusong
Geboortedatum 17-5-1917
Leeftijd 101
Woonplaats jiusong, Bolivia

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'I have recently come '

Geplaatst 14 Juli 2015, 03:25

I have recently come to hate grocery shopping! Well, I should add it's not the shopping so much that I hate, but rather the grocery stores themselves. About 1.5 years ago, when my daughter was 13 months old she was diagnosed with a severe peanut and tree nut allergy. Since then, my family and I have cut out nuts completely; we've trained all of our extended family and her caregivers on how to administer an EPIPEN, and, obviously, we worry at the slightest red patch her skin may show. Ropati Pitoitua Jersey

The issue I have with the grocery stores is something new something I only discovered recently. My daughter is now 2.5 years old, and like most toddlers her age she prefers to rebel and throw temper tantrums at the sight of a public place. She likes to carry her own purse, her baby doll, and push the shopping cart all on her own imitating mommy. No longer will she quietly sit in the child seat of the shopping cart; she must be a part of the action.

Most mothers wouldn't think twice after all, this is a part of growing up, maturing, and learning to be independent. Most mothers however, also feel safe allowing their young ones to roam the grocery store aisles. This is what sets me apart from most mothers I do not feel safe!!!

Every single time that I take my daughter to the grocery store we fight, I want her in the cart, she wants to walk, I want her to hold my hand, and she wants to be a big girl, etc You get the picture.

After the rise in children's nut allergy's, and all of the wonderful nut free snacks, and the nut free schools, and the nut free playgrounds I cannot fathom why a large grocery store would allow Nut filled treats to come into contact with a child who is too young to even understand how easily their life can be threatened.

What made me realize this growing frustration, and what made me want to scream on the top of my lungs was an encounter I had about 1 month ago. I was in the line loading my groceries onto the belt while my daughter was standing right next to me. She turned around and saw rows and rows of chocolate bars in arms way. Being the cautious parent that I am I immediately turned around and said "NO, do not touch that". she listened and turned around. Thinking that my heart was finally about to stop racing was defiantly an understatement.

I cannot understand why foods that can potentially kill my daughter and many other children alike are shelved so low in arms reach for the young ones, while they are also located at every single cash register, where parents can't even avoid the encounter at their strongest will. It is as if the store owners are shouting in our ears "PEANUTS ARE INESCAPABLE"

My recommendation would be as simple as switching the location of the gum with the location of the chocolate. By the time a child can reach the top of the checkout shelf, they will be well aware of what to touch and what not to touch. For now some definate changes need to be made! Authentic Bernard Pollard Jersey

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